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West Virginia

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  The Capitol Beverage Company was founded in 1935 when the Mazzei family and the Abruzzino family each invested to begin a beer distributorship in Charleston, West Virginia. Eventually, the distributorship became a one-man operation, ran by James Mazzei. Driving to the breweries to pick up his own beer and driving to deliver the beer to customers was done by James himself. During his one-man operation, James resided in a loft above the warehouse.


In the early years, Capitol Beverage sold brands such as Pfiefer beer in only four counties. After many years of struggle, Mr. Mazzei obtained the rights to sell Falls City beer. Falls City would grow to become the number one beer in
West Virginia. As Falls City grew, so did Capitol Beverage Company.
Eventually, Stroh's overtook Falls City beer to become the
number one beer in West Virginia.

In the early 1970's the Miller Brewing Company was beginning to show a large increase in sales. With the introduction of Miller Lite, Capitol Beverage became a successful and profitable organization.

In 1978, James Waugh joined the Capitol Beverage Company. Upon Mr. Mazzei's death in 1992, Waugh became the new President of Capitol Beverage Company. During his time with the company, the business has grown from 16 employees to well over 90 employees, and it has expanded its presence from five counties in West Virginia to covering all or part of thirty counties representing a portfolio of over 200 different brands.

In 2004, James Waugh designed and built a centralized,
modern warehouse that would optimize the service of the business. Since then, Capitol has distributed a vast variety of wines and non-alcohol products, while selling almost half of all the MillerCoors products in the state of West Virginia. James is still involved in multiple aspects of the business; however, his two sons, Adam & James Jr., are continuing the company’s forte while instilling what is now a third-generation family owned business,
something only 10% of businesses achieve.

Out of the top selling national beers, Capitol Beverage currently distributes 2 of the top 4 domestics, 6 out of the top 10 crafts, and 8 of the top 10 imports. The company plans to continue this growth with up and coming breweries, new brand categories, and technology while maintaining our current
partnerships and involvements in our communities.

In 2014 and 2017, we were able to obtain the MillerCoors President's Award, a nation-wide distinction that very few distributors receive.   

Capitol Beverage Company’s original logo was
redesigned in 2015 to its current form.